• The stand is made from the water-resistant veneer FSF 24-27 mm of the leading manufacturers of Russia.
  • Whole timber (class BTS-1) – pine, fir of the 1st and 2nd class according to the GOST 8486. (class BK-2) – one bar in the product has a finger joint along the length according to GOST 19414-90.
  • The glue "KLEIBERIT 303.2" (Germany), corresponding to class D3 of European standards EN 204/205. 
  • The impregnation-wood preservative. The coating is weather-resistance, possesses powerful preservative activity. The sustainability of a coating is till 5 years (components BASF Germany, ACIMA Switzerland).




The goods are delivered by roof car or train. 


The storage is done by:

  1. The way, which excludes deflection and residual strain because beams are stacked on the gasket.
  2. Covered from direct sunlight, atmosphere precipitation or in the enclosed space (GOST 15150).

The tape on the pallet is transporting and the storage is without it.

Product throwing is forbidden at loading and unloading!