• The bar from Siberian wood is used to produce beams. The place of wood storage - Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. The raised solidity is caused by smaller thickness of tree-rings because of short term of climatic summer - the vegetative period. Before winter in a tree trunk sap ascent stops, the structure of wood becomes more compressed to overcome frost. The tree seems to fall asleep. Such tree grows very slowly. As a result - its close-grained and dense structure shows out-of-limit solidity and elasticity. It is less subject to fungous diseases and an attack of insects - pests. Sometimes it is called "iron wood".
  • The saw cut of a bar is according to the scheme 2ex log (at dissolution of a log from all boards only two central boards are used). Tree-rings of bars are orientated from a bar core towards a stand.
  • The stand in the beam is made from the board LVL 24 mm. LVL is a constructive material, produced from rotary-cut veneer of pine wood, grown in Siberia. As distinct from the veneer this material has no limits while being produced in the length, and this is its advantage in the finished product – beam H20. In the aggressive environment the board LVL exceeds veneer thanks to high resinous properties and waterproof adhesive.
  • Uniformity of materials of a stand and beam flanges has an additional solidity in the splice.
  • The glue "KLEIBERIT 303.2" (Germany), corresponding to class D3 of European standards EN 204/205
  • The impregnation-wood preservative. The coating is weather-resistance, possesses powerful preservative activity. 
    The sustainability of a coating is till 5 years (components BASF Germany, ACIMA Switzerland).

  • Beams have end plastic protection. 

Protection of end beams

A chamfer and hardening of ends - maximum prolongation of life cycle of a beam:

  • protection of beam bars from chamfers at slope during installation and dismantling when the slivered chipwood makes it impossible to use the beam in the further process of building,
  • protection of beam end from impact of moisture and an ultraviolet while storing.

The cover plate is made of polyethylene (hardness at minus 60-70оС). It is pressed and fixed by concealed zinc-coated cramps. A thickness of a protective part is 5 mm. 



The goods are delivered by roof car or train. 


The storage is done by:

  1. The way, which excludes deflection and residual strain because beams are stacked on the gasket.
  2. Covered from direct sunlight, atmosphere precipitation or in the enclosed space (GOST 15150).

The tape on the pallet is transporting and the storage is without it.

Product throwing is forbidden at loading and unloading!